The Ultra Protective Cream


Anti-aging and moisturizing. Day cream.
Protects the skin and helps prevent skin aging caused by environmental aggressions. Helps maintain hydration.


Type : Suitable for mature and/or dehydrated skin.

Benefits : The Daily Cream Ultra Protective ensures optimal defence against the harmful effects of the environment. It is distinguished by its innovative lighter formula that penetrates quickly, without leaving a whitish film. This day cream enriched with cellular protectors and antioxidants is perfect for skin that is photosensitive or predisposed to the formation of pigmentary disorders related to photoaging, darkness and extreme dehydration. Following a specialized aesthetic treatment or skin irritation, it minimizes the risk of side effects such as permanent redness, hypersensitivity and hyperpigmentation. A light and creamy texture that helps maintain facial hydration throughout the day.

Tip : The use of Serum C in combination with the Daily Cream Ultra Protective is suggested in order to increase the skin’s natural defenses and reduce oxidative stress related to the impact of free radicals.

Main ingredients


  • Geogard Ultra™ (calcium gluconate, gluconolactone and sodium benzoate)


Weight 0.08 g

Sku MYR-Q4

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