The concept

The Concept behind Myriade

Concept Myriade is a skin care line designed to meet the growing need for highly active products without toxic components. Our concept aims at the meeting of traditional aesthetics and aesthetic medicine, an essential to frame professional high-tech treatments or to improve a skin condition.

Laser, IPL, micro-needle, microdermabrasion or daily skin care, each specific treatment has its own turnkey protocol. As its name suggests, Myriade also has its own concept. Meaning abundance, Myriade uses an abundance of active ingredients in synergy for maximum long-term results.

Behind our concept is a range of products designed for each skin condition, focusing on maintaining the capital of well-being and youthfulness. Unisex care for the whole family, gentle and natural enough to be used on a daily basis.

We also offer professional care in an institute. Ask at the clinic near you.

An abundance of natural active ingredients

The synergy of active ingredients derived from biotechnology makes it possible to work on the skin in depth, both as a specific care product and for prevention, and always according to the skin condition. Without parabens, toxic preservatives or other endocrine disruptors, all our basic ingredients come directly from Mother Nature.

Our treatments all have an organic, antioxidant, organic and vegetable base, rich in hyaluronic acid, aloe, green tea oil and bisabolol. Our preservatives are all handpicked and all our products contain an impressive amount of antioxidants and amino acids.

Concept Myriade is more than fifty active ingredients and premium botanical ingredients such as caffeine as well as natural soothing, lightening and antioxidant ingredients such as pomegranate, Touki, pink pepper, immortal and geranium. Amino acids are essential for the improvement and prevention of skin aging. We are the only line on the market to use such a high concentration of peptides.

A line of high-performance and ecological care products

All our products have been developed in a research laboratory specialized in bio-eco product design. Our concern for the environment is such that we have decided to limit overpackaging as much as possible. We favour recycled cardboard and paper and limit the use of plastic as much as possible.

Concept Myriade is a 100% Quebec company. We are also very proud to encourage the local economy in order to maintain jobs and participate in the economic activity of our region.

The majority of our products are offered in airtight containers with no air contact to ensure stability and avoid losses to the consumer.